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Toyota Tires


price your tiresSelecting the right tires for your vehicle is an important decision. Your safety, as well as your driving enjoyment over the next few years and thousands of miles, will be determined by this decision.

Tires can impact the quality of your vehicle's handling, brake performance and fuel economy.  Come to Oakes Toyota Greenville where our experts can assist you with selecting the exact replacements for your original Toyota tires. Our factory trained technicians will mount, balance and inflate your new tires to the appropriate levels. 

To inquire about our tires and competitive prices, click on the "Price Your Tires" button to the right.  Input your vehicle information and the tires that you are interested in and we will respond quickly!  Keep your Toyota a Toyota and visit the tire experts at Oakes Toyota Greenville today!

The Truth About Tires... More than Meets the Street.

Tires and cars have reached such a high degree of development that drivers tend to forget the tire is the only point of contact a vehicle has with the road. Tires bear the vehicle load, roll, steer, transmit forces, and serve as a main shock absorber. or at the rim, or slight damage to the tire, etc. Proper inflation pressure affects all the tire's functions. Furthermore, the wrong pressure adversely affects all its performance areas. Inform your customers how to check inflation levels and properly care for their tires. Oakes Toyota, The place to get tires matched exactly to your Toyota!

There is more riding on your tires than a smooth ride. Bringing your Toyota into Oakes Toyota for regular tire maintenance can improve gas mileage, extend the tire life, prevent excessive or uneven tire wear and give you peace of mind.

How do you know when it's time to stop by Oakes Toyota?

Is your car out of alignment?

• Your tires look bald or the tread looks worn ­

• Your car wanders on an even road

Do your wheels need to be balanced?

• When you accelerate or decelerate, the steering wheel vibrates

• You can feel a vibration in the seats or floorboard at certain speeds

• The wear pattern on your tires is scalloped or cupped

• You can hear a humming sound on smooth roads

Should you replace your tires?

• Your tires are cracked or bald

• The tread on your tires is worn

Do you need a rotation?

• You experience uneven braking and poor handling

• The tread on your tires is worn

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should visit the Toyota-certified technicians at Oakes Toyota today!

When you purchase your new tires from us, you'll receive two-year Road-Hazard Protection. This protection covers the repair or replacement of tires damaged by an unavoidable road hazard, such as nails, pot holes or debris. Your Toyota's tires are a specifically engineered component of your vehicle, helping to provide its unique driving characteristics. That's why it's important to use tires that are exactly matched to your Toyota. Purchasing your tires from Oakes Toyota is your assurance that you'll get those tires-and only those tires.

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