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The right tires not only help contribute to your vehicle's handling and performance, but can also impact fuel efficiency and safety as well. If your tires are showing signs of wear, you can get exact replacements for the original tires at a competitive price at Oakes Toyota Service Center. Our Factory trained and certified Toyota Technicians will ensure that your tires are mounted, balanced and inflated to match your Toyota vehicle's specifications.

Keep your Toyota a Toyota by replacing your original tires at Oakes Toyota Service Center. Schedule your tire service today!

Service technician putting on a new Toyota tire.
Toyota Tire

How often is replacement needed?

  • Inspection of tires is recommended at each regular service visit.

Indicators replacement may be needed:

  • Current tread level is at the wear indicators
  • Cuts, tears, bubbles, cracking, or uneven treadwear
  • Age of the tires (DOT number)
  • Poor ride quality

Why is it important?

  • Safety
  • Worn tires have an adverse effect on acceleration, braking, and cornering of vehicle
  • New tires drastically improve stopping distance
  • See illustration below for stopping distance comparison

Stopping distance illustration. What might seem like a small change in tire tread can have a major impact on stopping distance.


Save up to $100 on new tires1

Keep your tires in top shape with this great deal. When you buy tires from a Toyota dealer, factory-trained technicians will make sure they're installed right. Plus, you get 2 years of road hazard coverage.2


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Whether you drive a Corolla, Camry, Tundra, RAV4 or any other Toyota model, your tires were selected to provide superior performance and comfort. Toyota performs extensive evaluations to determine which tires are best suited for each vehicle. Whether your car requires Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone or another tire brand, you can trust that the Toyota Tire Center includes the approved, recommended brands to deliver the best driving experience.

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Tires are essential to your vehicle, providing traction, stability, and steering control. Proper maintenance of your tires is crucial to ensure your car's safety and longevity. That's why we want to provide our customers with reliable, exemplary service.

We employ a team of certified technicians with rigorous training and in-depth knowledge about tire service and maintenance. We offer a vast selection of top-quality tires from leading brands in the industry, such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Firestone, and many more. Our tire specialists can help you select the right tires that meet your needs and preferences. We understand that tire services and replacements can be expensive. We offer competitive and transparent pricing on all our tire services and products. We also offer various tire specials, rebates, and financing options to help you save money and get the best value for your investment. Our service center has state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and technology that enable us to provide quick, efficient, and accurate tire services. Our dedicated customer service team is available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and resolve any concerns or issues you may have. We also offer convenient online scheduling, drop-off, and pick-up options to make the tire service process as hassle-free as possible.

There are plenty of good reasons to have your tires serviced at Oakes Toyota. We've covered you whether you need routine tire maintenance or urgent repair. So, book your appointment today and experience the Oakes Toyota difference!